Why purchase a Norden Bombsight?

A Norden Bombsight is an important part of our Nation's history and a tribute to the brave men who used it in combat during World War II, as well as to the genius of Carl Norden, its inventor.  It was the pinnacle of mechanical engineering at the time.  It was built to withstand aerial warfare, and with care can last for generations.  It happens to make a good investment, as values have steadily risen over the decades.

How should you go about purchasing a Norden Bombsight?

First, do some research.  There are abundant sources of information in print and on the Internet about the Norden Bombsight.  Secondly, decide what you would want to do with your Norden.  If you only want one to display somewhere as a conversation piece, that can easily be obtained, in a wide variety of conditions.  However, if you wish to truly understand the Norden and its use and functions, as well as operate it yourself, that is a different matter.  Finally, do some comparison shopping.  There are few remaining dealers, and the internet auction sites periodically display sights.

Why purchase a Norden Bombsight by Moore?

This is the largest collection of the highest quality Norden Bombsights anywhere.  They have all been fully restored to meet or exceed factory specifications.  They are guaranteed to work and come with a 90 day warranty and lifetime product support.  There are few working Norden Bombsights available.  Most advertised Bombsights are sold "as is" with no promise that they will work, and purchasing one of them is a gamble.  After years of experience restoring Norden Bombsights for museums and collectors, I have taken that gamble upon myself so that you won't have to. 

What do I get besides the Norden Bombsight?

A power supply, switch box and connector, a service and instruction manual, disk speed indicator, and a video that can be used for simulations. Everything you need to begin using your Norden Bombsight right away, and all guaranteed.

If I purchase a Norden Bombsight by Moore, what will I be required to do to operate it?

Open the box and remove the contents. Plug the sighthead into the switchbox. Plug the switchbox into the power supply. Plug the power supply into an outlet. Turn the switches on. It's that easy!

How do I purchase a bombsight from you?

Review the online gallery and decide what you might like. Then e-mail me and I can tell you more about those bombsights that interest you. We can then find you a product you are guaranteed to like.