1. Turn on STAB gyro
2. Check torque motor
3. Check PDI
4. Turn on BS gyro
5. Align Bombsight Clutch connecting rod marks with Course Centering
6. Set Disc Speed and Trail using tables
7. Turn on Rate End motor
8. Check Disc Speed with tachometer
9. Engage telescope motor drive clutch
10. Preset drop angle
11. Uncage the bombsight gyro
12. Swing the sight on the target
13. Place crosshairs on target with search knob
14. Start telescope motor
15. Disengage autopilot clutch
16. Preset drift, engage bombsight clutch
17. Level the bombsight gyro
18. Refine the rate
19. Arm the release lever

Here is a video of a Norden Bombsight Checklist, and the Bombing Run Checklist is at the end: