What is Norden Bombsights by Moore all about?

My goal is to restore as many Norden Bombsights to pristine condition and full function as possible.  These marvelous machines are incredible feats of engineering and a valued part of our nation's military heritage.  I want to preserve the knowledge of how to operate them and maintain them for future generations.  There are few people alive today that can do that, and if that knowledge is lost, these devices will be condemned to do no more than sit in a glass case and gather dust.

What are you offering?

The finest restored Norden Bombsights anywhere.  These have all been restored externally and internally to function as well as they did from the factory, and to excellent cosmetic condition.  If I wouldn't have it for myself, I wouldn't offer it for sale to you.  More than that, I want the buyer to have a fully functional system right out of the box.  You will get everything you need to start it right up immediately.

What is included?

I will provide the sighthead alone or a sighthead/stabilizer combination, a power supply, a connector cable, a service and instruction manual, a video on DVD or USB for simulations, and a disk speed indicator.  If a sighthead alone is purchased, it will come with its own connector and switch box and a custom stand that will allow it to be turned using the Turn and Drift Knobs. 

A sighthead alone will require its own special connector and switchbox, as well as its own stand, as it would normally be situated on top of the stabilizer and plug into it.

All of the equipment will come with a 90 day warranty where it may be returned for any reason. I will provide product support indefinitely and be available for any questions or to assist with maintenance. </span

What do you mean by "meets or exceeds factory specifications"?

Fiirst of all, everything works, all the knobs, switches, and lights. Secondly, the gyroscope will run smoothly. In some cases, the gyro bearings have been replaced and the rotor dynamically balanced. The gyro is evaluated not only by how it sounds, but after shutting down the time to come to a full stop should be at least eight minutes. All of these will exceed that. Thirdly, the rate end motor will run within 5 rpm of chosen speed, as this is within the limits of measurements of the disk speed indicators. Finally, time of fall will be within one second of specified. The usual test for this is to set the disk speed to 265 and the time it takes for the sight angle indicator passing the dropping angle indicator and then proceeding to a sighting angle of zero degrees is usually twenty seconds. You can also choose a disk speed from bombing tables (not included) and see how long it takes to reach zero from the drop angle.

Are your bombsights expensive?


Why are your bombsights expensive?

I am not doing this as a business, but as a hobby.  My expenses far exceed my prices, I doubt I will ever break even, and I certainly will never be profitable.  I have been able to locate original connectors, light bulbs, bearings, and other parts, and they are quite expensive.  I make a good living as a Cardiovascular Surgeon, and my only objective here is to charge enough on the restored Norden bombsights to allow me to restore more for other people who are interested.

What if I just want a cheaper one to display?

These are not for you.  These are quality machines restored as far as possible back to factory original condition.  They are meant for people that want to learn about them, how they worked, and how they were used.  They are not meant to gather dust somewhere. If I find one that can never be made to work, I would be willing to sell it at a significant discount, but I am generally providing those to museums for static display in their aircraft. 

What are your prices?

For a sighthead alone, with the custom stand and switchbox, as well as all of the above listed equipment, the price will be $4000. For a complete system with both sighthead and stabilizer, the price would be $7000.  I can lower the price if you wish to procure your own power supply and accessories, but since I am only charging you what they cost me, I doubt you will come out any better.  Besides, I am guaranteeing that it will all work if I put your system together. 

I have a Norden Bombsight.  Can you restore it for me?

Possibly.  I would need to talk with you and see some pictures.  Pricing would be on a case-by-case basis.  My best results are if no one else has worked on them before and if no parts are missing.  There is little chance if parts have been stripped.

How do we buy one from you?

I am a practicing Cardiovascular Surgeon by day, and will be able to process e-mails in the evening.  I would like to tell you what is available and how I can assist you in getting the finest bombsight possible.  I would encourage you to look around, do some comparison shopping, and decide if one of my bombsights is right for you.  Then we can put together a purchase that you can eagerly look forward to. I want you to be able to recommend my bombsights to other potential buyers.