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About Me.

My name is Tim Moore and I am a practicing Cardiovascular Surgeon. My father was in the USAAF during World War II, and growing up Jimmy Doolittle was a pen-pal. I acquired my first Norden Bombsight several years ago, and eventually restored a sighthead and stabilizer as a complete system. I also developed a simulator and began making instructional videos, the most popular one of which is "Norden Bombsight Tutorial". Subsequently I began restoring systems for other collectors and museums, including the National WWII Museum in New Orleans and the National Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Savannah.
It is my goal to preserve these Norden Bombsights as a living history and tribute to the men who designed and used them. The disappointment that I experience when I see one of these that has been neglected and parked on a shelf somewhere to rust and collect dust is far outweighed by the joy seen when one of these is running smoothly and looking great.

Our Story

My Bombsights

To produce the highest quality bombsight, you have to start with a pretty good one to begin with, and I have acquired the largest number of these anywhere.  I apply the same diligence and skill that I use everyday in heart surgery to the restoration of these incredible machines.  They are thoroughly inspected, serviced, and then adjusted to perform exactly as they were intended seventy-five years ago.  It has taken me years to locate replacement parts, connectors, wiring and bulbs.  I guarantee that they will work as they did back in 1943.

The Bombsight Doctor

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Tim Moore, M.D.